Want a way to use those t-shirts that are taking up room in your dressers and closets?  Let us make a beautiful keepsake quilt out of them for you! T-shirt quilts make great gifts and are a wonderful way to commemorate an event such as a graduation or birthday. You supply the t-shirts and we will transform them into a lovely keepsake quilt.  Quilt sizes are only limited by the number of t-shirts you would like to use, so start gathering them up! Go to Our Gallery to see photos of some of our T-shirt Quilts.

All t-shirt blocks are 14” or 16" finished. If the design on any t-shirt is larger than 13.5” or 15.5" overall it may not totally be included in the block.  We will do our best to include as much of a design as possible.  We use 2” wide fabric sashing strips to separate the blocks. Our sashing fabric is 100% high quality cotton.  We offer several colors for you to choose from, or let us choose a complementary color for you.   3“ borders of the same color fabric are then added to complete the quilt top.

T-Shirt Blocks-All t-shirt blocks are stabilized with a light weight fusible interfacing prior to quilt construction.

Batting and Backing:  The batting is a high quality layer of a cotton/polyester blend fluff sandwiched between the t-shirt top and the backing.  Our backing fabric is a 100% cotton fabric and comes in several color choices that will complement any décor.

Quilting and Finishing:  Each quilt is professionally machine quilted in an overall pattern to provide a more stable and durable finished product.  A double thick binding is then applied to the outside edge to finish your quilt.

Preparation: All t-shirts should be washed prior to dropping off with us. Any stains or fading will show up in the finished quilt.  Please do not cut your T-shirts ahead of time, we will do that for you. Extra t-shirt fabric will be returned with the finished quilt only if requested ahead of time.

Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks from receipt of your t-shirts for us to complete your quilt.


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