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Mary Ann's Challenge Quilt

Posted by maz574 on Monday, June 4th, 2012

My 'Neutral Fusion' challenge quilt was definitely a challenge. If you'd like the details on the rules of the challenge, read Dora's blog "Neutral Fusion Challenge" on 5/26 below.  I decided to ignore the pieced blocks and do an intricate design over the whole section inside the 1” border.

Not knowing where to start, I found some paper that was the exact size of the middle portion of the quilt and just started drawing. I made quite a mess, erasing so much that I needed to buy myself some new erasers-the pencil erasers just weren’t big enough.  It was really good to work designs out on paper first, though.  I was able to try lots of different things in different sections until I found the one that I liked, and then that is what I went with.


For quite a while now, I have wanted to really quilt the heck out of a quilt, so this was a perfect time to do it.  The quilt was not too big, and it had to be quilted with neutral thread, matching the quilt top, helping to hide any mistakes.  But, of course, I didn’t make any mistakes at all….haha!

I really enjoyed doing this challenge and am excited to see what Diana Annis has in store for the next one for MQX East!

Mary Ann

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