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The Judge Was Speechless!

Posted by maqdora59 on Friday, October 7th, 2011

 One of the local quilt guilds we belong to, the Silver City Quilt Guild,  just had their biennial quilt show on Sept 17th+18th. Whew! A year in the planning, the show was a great success, and I continue to be impressed with the talent and imagination of our guild members!

This show has a judged division, which allows members to have their quilts judged/critiqued by a real quilt judge who then awards ribbons in the various categories. Mary Ann and I were on the judging team, which consisted of about 15 guild member volunteers, plus the judge, Holice Turnbow. If you have never helped out with the judging for a quilt show, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s a great learning experience watching how each quilt is displayed for the judge and how he carefully and thoroughly examines it. The judge's comments are always intersting and constructive, and we learned a great deal from seeing each quilt through his eyes.

Well, it’s very interesting, that is till he gets to your quilts! Being present as your own quilt is being judged is a little tricky-you can’t react in any way or make any noise during the judging to begin with, and it’s so much harder when your own quilt comes up!

Now imagine that he’s looking at your quilt, and he’s not saying anything. Every quilt gets an evaluation by the judge-he dictates his comments and the scribes write down what he says on the comment sheets. Usually as each quilt comes up, he starts speaking right away. But with one of mine, he didn’t say a word…for a full 2 minutes! Then he asked to set it aside and he’d come back to it after he went thru the rest in the category. What could possibly be so wrong with my quilt that he had to put it aside? I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not, because he didn’t indicate one way or the other. Not one comment yet! I just had to zip my lip and try not to squirm as I waited for him to get back to my quilt.

     When he finally looked at my quilt, Summer Days, again, it was not clear right away from his comments that he liked what he saw. This quilt was a joy to make because I used bold vibrant colors and a large floral print in the border, and I was sure that he would say the quilt was too bright or busy. Plus, I used a bright pink variegated thread to quilt it, which I was sure he would dislike as well.

Much to my relief, he liked the quilt! It was my choice of the large floral patterned fabric in the border, plus the bold quilt colors overall that had left him speechless! I guess they were not the norm for him, but in the end, it set the quilt apart and earned a 2nd place ribbon in the small bed quilts category!


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