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Get Creative with A Round Robin Quilt

Posted by maqdora59 on Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Round Robin quilts are a great activity to do with a quilt guild or group. Mary Ann and I both participated in a Round Robin during the past guild year and had a great experience! If you're not sure what a Round Robin is, you create a block for the center of the quilt, then pass it off to the other members of your group. They each add a round, and pass it along, and you don't see the finished product till the end. It was great fun!

Here's the block I created to start:

Dora's Round Robin-Center (Medium)

This was made with some of the yummy fabrics I've been working with lately, so I was very excited to see what everyone would do.

There were 4 people in our group, and I sent this center off with a bunch of wonderful fabrics I wanted everyone to use. Such anticipation!

Here's the quilt after the first round was added by Elaine:

Dora's Round Robin-2 (Medium)

Love her strips-the colors just blend so well and framed the star perfectly!

Next came Sue's round:

Dora's Round Robin-1 (Medium)

Love her choice to use the same friendship block as the center of the star, but in a smaller scale! Very creative!

Finally, my best friend and partner Mary Ann's round:

Dora's Round Robin (Medium)

All I can say is Wow! Mary Ann knows how much I like stars and flying geese, and of course she had to work them in! Beautiful paper pieced stars in the corner and flying geese floating in the borders-Perfection!

It was like Christmas when we got our quilts back at the June pot luck meeting!! I couldn't have dreamed up this quilt by myself, and am thrilled at the collaboration and result! It's just amazing and my next challenge will be to quilt it.  I'm thinking lots of detail quilting for sure, I'm taking my time with this one, maybe feathers in the open areas.... I'll post more when the quilting gets under way.

Just remember when you have the chance to participate in a group project like a Round Robin, the results can be wonderful because there are so many talented quilters out there, so give it a try and enjoy the process!!

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