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Quick baby quilt

Posted by maz574 on Sunday, June 5th, 2011

If you ever want a relatively easy baby quilt to make, try this one. 
Aubree Rose (Medium) Aubree Rose-closeup3 (Medium)
I started with a Tonga treat, only using ½ the package and added some cute appliqué and voila a baby quilt.  The assembly of the quilt itself was really quick, but I found the appliqué to be the most time consuming part.  I fused the appliqué down, which is quick, but then I did the blanket stitched around the outside.  I think I must be the slowest at the blanket stitch ever.  I ended up quilting it with a nice all over design and outlined the appliqué to help it stand out. 
Dora and I are having a class on Thursday making these types of quilts.  They are called the 1600 strip quilts.  We will post some pictures so you can see some of the variations that get done.

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