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Finished Annette's Quilt!

Posted by maqdora59 on Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Here it is, Annette's Quilt is Done!

Annette's Quilt-Finished (474x600)
This photo cuts off the binding, but it's the same chestnut colored fabric as the 1st border.

Here's a closeup of the edge of the quilt showing the binding:

Annette's Quilt-Closeup Quilting 5 (300x225)

This is a closeup of the quilt center:

Annette's Quilt-Closeup Quilting (300x231)

And a closeup of a corner:

Annette's Quilt-Closeup Quilting 2 (300x251)

Can't wait for Annette to see it!!

Category: Quilts From The Beginning


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