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Piecing Annette's Quilt

Posted by maqdora59 on Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I always get excited at the beginning of a new quilt; once I have my pattern ready and the fabrics selected, it's time to actually get started--cutting in to all those great fabrics, and firing up my sewing machine! There is something very satisfying and almost theraputic to the entire process. And there are many ways to get those blocks done. Some people like to cut all the pieces out first before sewing anything. I usually tire of the cutting after a while and am itching to start sewing, so I usually mix it up. To me it's more satisfying to have finished blocks and see my progress. Since this quilt has 3 different blocks but the colors change in some parts of the block there are really 5 different blocks to construct, so I'll probably make one set of blocks at a time. That'll keep things interesting!

Here's one of the blocks in progress:

Annette's Quilt-Block1 (300x225)

And here are some completed blocks:

Annette's Quilt-Block2 (225x300)  Annette's Quilt-Block3 (225x300) 

Stay tuned for more on this great quilt!--Dora

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