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Annette's Quilt-Final Fabrics

Posted by maqdora59 on Friday, July 16th, 2010

It's fabric time! One of my favorite parts of the whole quilt process is fabric selection. I love the colors, textures, patterns, everything about the fabric-and who doesn't?? For this quilt, my task has already been made somewhat easier because I had a focus fabric in mind from the beginning. That is a great way to start if you have trouble choosing fabrics that will work together. With a focus fabric, the work has already been done for you, the fabric usually is a print containing several coordinating colors. All you have to do is look for fabrics in your stash, or your local shop (oh no more fabric shopping-yay!), that match those in the print. Sometimes the focal fabric may not even end up in the finsihed quilt, but served as a great tool to bring together a set of colors that you know will work.

What if you don't have the focus fabric to begin? It's true that choosing colors and fabrics that play well together is not easy for everyone, and there are many resources you can use to get help: the staff at you local quilt shop, the fabric suggestions from your actual quilt pattern, other quilts you've seen with a color scheme you find pleasing; there are also books on color theory, and even just looking at the color wheel, for inspiration.

Well, here are the most likely contenders for the quilt:Annette's Quilt-Fabric1 (298x300)Tough to choose; as usual, I like them all! But, in the end, there were some that weren't quite as good because of their pattern, or tone.

Here's the final selection:

Annette's Quilt-Fabric3 (150x132)

These made the cut! Excellent-love them! 

Annette's Quilt-Fabric2 (150x82)

These didn't make the cut, but still love them and can't wait to use them somewhere else!

Next time I'll be going back to EQ6...

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