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Annette's Quilt-Pattern Selection

Posted by maqdora59 on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Ok, the focus fabric is in front of me, and I am already pulling out others as possible candidates to coordinate with it, but before I can go too far I have to pick a pattern for the quilt. How do I go about doing that? Many of us have found that we are drawn to similar blocks or have certain types of quilt patterns that we enjoy, for whatever reason. I will pore through every new issue of the many quilt magazines I get each month, as well as those old favorites in my own 'quilt library', looking for a new idea or new twist on one of my favorites.

Being a quilter, I have found that ideas can come from anywhere, and wherever I go, I am always looking for inspiration, whether it's the ceramic tile on the floor, a funky print fabric on the furniture,  or the striped drapes on a window. Everything is fair game and can spark a new idea.

Then it's time to curl up on the couch with my laptop and EQ6 (don't have EQ7 yet, but it's on my to do list) and just play. This program is great for developing my ideas into actual quilts. So much faster than the 'ole grid-paper and copier machine! I usually have a few ideas in process, and in fact, I had a quilt already designed which was perfect for this project. The original intention was for it to be a xmas/holiday table topper, and the size was not big enough for what I needed, but the design was perfect for the center section of my quilt. Stay tuned for my final fabric selections!

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