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Annette's Quilt-Fabric Choices

Posted by maqdora59 on Friday, July 9th, 2010

So here I am, ready to get started on making this new quilt for my friend. I know the size (throw size) and basic color scheme (southwestern colors), so what's next? In order to start the quilt, you need to pick a quilt pattern and fabric and that's often where to begin, but how do you choose?

Sometimes you already have a quilt block or pattern in mind, and that's the starting point. You may have purchased a pattern or saw one in a quilt magazine. We choose patterns for many reasons, from the overall look of the quilt to the ease or complexity of the design, whether we're looking for a quick quilt that's easy to piece, or a more challenging quilt with new techniques to try, there are any number of options out there. Once you have the pattern, you can make your fabric choices using the suggestions on the pattern, or on your own.

Other times it's the fabric that takes center stage as the place to start. In my case, once I knew the color scheme was 'southwestern', a particular fabric sprang to mind that we had just recently gotten in to the studio for a customer. This fabric has browns, beige, and that tealish blue/green color running through it, definitely in the 'southwestern mode. This immediately became the focal fabric for the entire quilt and I would next have to decide what pattern to use.

Here's the focus fabric:

Annette's Quilt-Focus Fabric (231x300)Don't you just love it? I was just waiting for a new project to cut in to this bolt, and am so excited to get started! Now that I have that decided, I can move on to choosing the quilt pattern and fabrics to coordinate with the yummy one above! Stay tuned...

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