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Back down to business

Posted by maz574 on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Well we had our time off, now it's time to get back down to business.  Dora and I had a wonderful time at MQX this year.  It was much closer to where we live so this year we decided to commute.  While it was easy to do I think we may get a room next year.  It made for very long days having to drive home after classes and the show.  I think we may volunteer a lot more to help with the show next year, also. 
Now that we're home and the Open House is behind us, too, we are busy quilting a beautiful customer's quilt that has lots of applique on it.  We have done custom quilting before but this one is getting the full treatment.  This quilt is different also, because we are both doing some quilting on it. A true collaboration!!!  It's very exciting to see it progress.  We are about half way done so far and hoping to finish tomorrow.  I think I'm being a little optomistic with that goal but we'll see.  We will post some pictures when we get it done... 

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