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Day off from Quilting

Posted by maz574 on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Although everywhere I looked I saw another quilting design I had to take the day off.  My daughter, Alicia, ran the Boston Marathon yesterday and my husband and I went in to cheer her on.  It was not exactly the easiest thing to do, but it had to be done.  We first went to Wellesley Center which was at the half way mark.  It was exciting to see how many people came out to cheer for the runners whether they knew anyone running or not.  A lot of the runners have their names on their shirts so it makes it easy to cheer them on. 
I did not realize how difficult it would be to spot my own daughter in the sea of runners.  There are so many and it is a constant stream for hours on end.  Alicia had gotten a chip, to put in to her shoe for the race, when she picked up her number.  We were supposed to be able to get text messages sent to us when she passed certain spots along the route.  Of course that did not work.  We just had to go by numbers and estimate when she would be coming by.  Luckily we found her for the few seconds it took for her to pass.  She looked very good for having just run 13 miles. 
The next step was getting into Boston to see her finish.  We decided to park over in Mission Hill near her apartment, just for ease of getting in and out.  We got a parking space right in front of her apartment, but then we had to start walking.  Of course we could have gotten on the "T" but no we thought it was close enough to walk it.  It was, but I felt like I had run the marathon after because of my "Old Lady" aches and paines.
We squeezed in in front of the Hynes Auditorium and in about 10 minutes Alicia was going by.  My sister Nancy saw her first and started sceaming, but Alicia couldn't hear because of the huge crowd. I got to see the back of her because I couldn't spot her quick enough.  At that point my niece Hannah jumped the fence and crossed the finish line with Alicia, what a thrill for her. 
Needless to say Larry and I are very, very proud of Alicia.  She trained long and hard, raised money for a good cause, and came through it like a true winner!! 

Now it's time to get back to quilting...

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