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We get to keep it?!

Posted by maqdora59 on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Sometimes you just want to make a quilt without so much thinking and planning; you want to create something now! Well, this was the case with my Batik Blast Quilt. After making several queen size quilts for cutomers, I wanted to sew, but something quick and easy, no preplanning, rearranging etc. I remembered these batik fabric strips I still had leftover from a class I took at a local quilt shop a few years ago that I had been dying to use-batiks are one of my favorites! The pre-cut strips worked perfectly with this easy pattern-all straight stitching, no triangles, not points to match. I made as many blocks as I could with the color combinations I had, and was so happy just to be able to sew, sew, sew.

As can sometimes happen, I was pleased with the individual blocks, but not the entire quilt once it was put together. Too many different colors, some fabrics I really didn't like, no real pattern emerging, etc. So, it went in to my UFO pile for a year or two until I could think of what to do with it. This summer I pulled it out and used it to practice freehand designs on our longarm machine, thinking I would give it away to a charity or something, no pressure.

Batik Blast-Closeup1 (300x225)
Here are two close-ups of my freehand practicing on the longarm. I had great fun practicing without feeling that it had to be just so perfect!
Batik Blast-Closeup2 (225x300)

Well, even when it's not your best effort or doesn't come out as first expected, there is still satisfaction in completing a project. After quilting was done, the quilt had grown on me and I really liked it. I finished sewing the binding in the car while we were bringing my son back to college at UVM and thought it would be a great quilt for my family room where it would get used daily and I wouldn't feel it was so good that I didn't want it to get used for fear of ruining it. My husband, shocked, said, "We get to keep it?!" because most of the things I make end up going to someone else, and he thought it was just wonderful with all the colors and different stiches. That's when I realized that sometimes we are too picky with our work and are our own worst critics. Not everything has to be an heirloom that is so perfect we can't even touch it. Quilts were invented long ago to be used after all!

Batik Blast Quilt (300x231)

Here's the finished product. It ended up being 64" x 80" with no borders and the family loves it! Big enough to snuggle under and so many colors to touch and feel.

I'm so glad I finished it!

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  • Great job, Dora. The pictures came our great.
    by Mary Ann on 09 September 2009 at 8:27 p.m.