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Anniversary Quilt-Continued

Posted by maqdora59 on Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Well, the borders are finally on this baby and were kept pretty simple, to balance out the quilt and give the eye a place to rest from all the photos. Can't wait to get it quilted and finished--neither can my husband!

Photo quilts, like this one really do tell a story. Now that I have had time to stand back and admire the finished top, I am thrilled at how much of our lives they actually show. As I designed the layout for this quilt, I wanted the center to show only photos of me and my husband from our 1st days of marriage till now, 30 years later. All photos in the center, up to the first pieced border, are just of the two of us; no kids, no other family members, a tribute just to us over the course of our 30 wonderful years together.

After adding the pieced border, I expanded the quilt to include posed and candid photos of our two children from their earliest days to their almost-adulthood, as well as many great shots of other family members and friends. You may notice that each side of the quilt has a photo that is a bit larger and is bordered in a dark blue.  These are special family pictures that were taken during memorable summer and winter family trips,  and I wanted to highlight them on the quilt so they would become another focal point.

When I was almost done, and trying to balance out each of the sides, I noticed that there were some wonderful scenic pictures of some of our recent vacations, in my unused photo piles. So of course, I was able to use them-they show up in the 4 corners of the quilt, where we can always remember how the beaches and oceans looked!

Below are photos of the completed quilt top:

AnniversaryWith Border (300x233)

AnnivWithBorderSection1 (300x224)

AnnivWithBorderSection2 (300x220)

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