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Anniversary Quilt

Posted by maqdora59 on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

As you go through life there are events that need to be marked and remembered by more than just a greeting card and my husband and I just reached one of those milestones. We celebrated our 30th anniversary in May. Being the avid quilter that I am, what else could I come up with but a photo anniversary quilt! Of course the inspiration came from my wonderful partner, Mary Ann, who had created a beautiful anniversary quilt for her parents which included hundreds of photos both in black and white and color.

Inspiration only hit me 3 weeks before our actual anniversary, and in my mind, it would be a piece of cake, and completed in plenty of time for the big day. Of course that was a bit optimistic, as I look back now, three months later and the quilt is not quite done. But, you know how it is looking through your old photos, and those more recent; you reminisce and enjoy all the wonderful memories! And how to choose from all our old favorites! What fun to sit and take time to remember....Here's the first picture of my progress:

                                         DD Anniversary Quilt (300x225)

This photo was taken around the time of our actual anniversary, and if I had stopped there, at approx 25" square, it would have been done long ago, even with the time it took to complete the paper pieced border (which I really love!).  More photos will follow as I complete this quilt. It's actually complete except for the final borders and then the quilting, so I'll post more photos next time.

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  • Probably look at lot better without pictures of the husband signed The Husband
    by Keith on 19 August 2009 at 3:24 p.m.